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Spinning, Sprinting & STRIVE
Weight Training
Eating Healthier
Aquatic Activity
Together As A Team


Thanks to Giant Eagle for sponsoring our program this year! 
We had 107 children (53 Boys / 54 Girls) get fit in our program!
Without their generous support and commitment to health
and community none of this would be possible!


Ready for a lifestyle change? Summer S.W.E.A.T. is 80 hours of physical activity IN 8 WEEKS at no charge to youth in our community! Our mentoring instructors will make it a summer to remember as we inspire teamwork, goal setting, and achievements through fun and hard work. Make it the best summer of their lives!


Ages: 12-17
Monday-Friday: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Starts: June 8th - July 31st
Cost: No Charge to any youth!



TRIALS OF MILES - Running is the gold standard of fitness. In Summer SWEAT, we will encourage our youth to bring out their inner runner! Summer Sweaters will be sprinting, jogging and speed walking to improve aerobic capacity and improve their mile run time!

CROSS TRAINING CHALLENGE - Cross training is unmatched in its ability to improve fitness! Nothing is better to help youths get fit, become strong and more coordinated for sports and play! Barbells, dumbbells, calisthenics and drills will be implemented in the AMRAPs, EMOMs, and WOD’s for Time, and Boot Camp Relays!

SUPER STROKES SWIMMING - Nothing is more fun than the pool! Summer Sweaters will be doing lap swimming to get in shape and have fun. Front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and kickboard style will be included!

POWER YOGA - Power Yoga fuses strength training and core abdominal work with traditional yoga practices.  Summer Sweaters will stretch and learn Vinyasa to be more flexible for fitness, sports and play!

STRIVE - Our STRIVE Room is built to fit youth! Similar to nautilus machines, our youth will get fit as they work all of their muscles with maintaining an aerobic heart rate! Summer Sweaters will learn how to use exercise equipment safely and effectively, a skill they can
use for a lifetime!

SPINNING - Indoor Cycling is an activity that burns calories, improves muscular endurance in the legs and can translate to family friendly bike rides in the future! Summer Sweaters get ready to work your legs!

WASHBOARD - A strong core is essential for health and physical activity! Washboard abs will shape up the midsection and work the muscles that are essential for all sports and play!



Summer S.W.E.A.T. Schedule: Summer 2015 Activities


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Week 8 Nutrition Information: Download Week 8




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